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Bursa Injections

Bursa are small, fluid-filled sacs between the hard and soft tissues that help lubricate to avoid friction and subsequent damage. If these sacs become inflamed—a condition known as bursitis—they can cause significant pain during everyday motions. Common locations for bursitis include the hip, shoulder and the knee but can involve many sites throughout the body. Luckily, bursa injections may be an option for this type of pain.

The fluid that is injected into an inflamed bursa is typically a steroid medication. It works to reduce inflammation, limiting the friction between the adjacent muscles and bones. 

What to expect during a Bursa Injection procedure

These injections are typically performed in our clinic with or without image guidance. They typically take just a few days after the injection to see results and may last from weeks to months.

Common bursa injections would be the hip (greater trochanter), ischial, knee, and shoulder. Usually, we do not place restrictions on patients after having these injections and often they may be used to relieve pain in order to help facilitate compliance with physicial therapy and/or chiropractic care of the affected area.