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At iSpine Pain Physicians, we offer the Vertiflex Procedure, which is a safe, minimally invasive treatment that provides effective long-term relief from Lumbar Spine Stenosis.

Lumbar Spine Stenosis (LSS) is a gradual narrowing of the spaces in the lower (lumbar) spine where nerves pass through, causing a “pinching” of the nerves in the lower back, resulting in aching, dull pain and discomfort down the back and into the legs. This natural, degenerative condition may be the result of aging and “wear and tear” on the spine from everyday activities. If you experience pain, weakness, numbness and/or tingling in the legs, groin, buttocks or back, if your pain gets worse when you stand or walk, or if you have a tendency to sit or lean over to relieve pain, you may be experiencing LSS.

What to Expect

The minimally invasive Vertiflex procedure is offered as an outpatient procedure in our Ambulatory Surgical Centers. A small spacer is placed inside the spine without removal of any bone or tissue. Once inserted, the spacer’s arms open around the spinous processes to help make proper space for the affected nerves. The spacer preserves the space in the spine, which keeps pressure off the nerves that cause back and leg pain.

Illustrations of spinal narrowing: