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At iSpine Pain Physicians and Physicians’ Diagnostics & Rehabilitation (PDR) Clinics, we collaborate with referring offices and doctors to provide a multidisciplinary solution for pain management, from physical medicine and rehabilitation to minimally invasive and maximally effective treatments for patients experiencing chronic spine and musculoskeletal pain conditions. Read more about our acquisition of PDR Clinics.

We are heavily focused on the experience of our patients. You have likely been dealing with chronic pain for far too long. Our medical teams are dedicated to being empathetic to your pain while reviewing your history in detail in order to come up with a unique treatment plan that suits your needs. Our end goal is to use advanced treatments and evidence-based interventions to help improve your quality of life.

iSpine Pain Physician’s comprehensive pain management services are offered at seven clinics and two Ambulatory Surgery Centers across the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

PDR Clinic’s evidence-based, biopsychosocial therapy and rehabilitation are offered at five clinics across the Twin Cities.